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[...] them into our position on bioethics. To this end, we have established the Bioethics Advisory Panel (MBAP), which convenes at least once a year to advise the company. It is headed by our Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and consists of globally renowned bioethics experts from a range of pertinent disciplines such as law, theology and medical ethics. The MBAP provides clear recommendations on the issues discussed, which we then integrate into our guidelines and internalize in our conduct. In order to educate our employees on bioethical considerations, we publish high-level summaries from the MBAP meetings on our intranet. In 2013, the MBAP met to discuss clinical trial [...]
[...] for a clinical Phase II/III trial in African countries. In 2014, the company's Bioethics Advisory Panel (MBAP) discussed how to specifically guarantee that the children's parents and guardians be informed of the risks of trial participation in an ethically responsible manner and give their consent. In particular, the MBAP expert discussion provided guidance to shape the clinical development plan with regard to aspects such as ancillary care, and drew attention to key aspects such as reimbursement. Anti-malaria drug Malaria remains a long-standing public health problem and has a major impact on vulnerable populations in over 100 countries: more than 3 billion people [...]


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In the United States and Canada the subsidiaries of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany operate under the umbrella brand EMD.

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