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We believe that worldwide access to medicinal product information is one of the keys to improving health care and treatment for patients. For this reason, we support scientific research as well as patient organizations and other key players in the health care industry by donating money and supplies, or through sponsoring activities. With this type of support, it is important for key players to remain neutral in order to protect the patients and ensure them the best treatment. All donations and sponsoring activities must comply with the internal and external standards that apply to our marketing operations. Within the scope of commitments we have made as members of [...]
XLS Download UNGC GRI indicator Comments Reference Status Management approach Economic performance , Products and climate protection, Pension plans , Supplier selection, Local executives, Indirect economic impacts: Access to health, Procurement of mica raw material, Dialogue and co-determination, Retrologistics Aspect: Economic performance EC1 Direct economic value generated and distributed Income Statement , Cash Flow Statement , Figures by division, country and region , Community investments, Personnel expenses 7,8,9 EC2 Financial implications for the organization's activities due to climate change In our response to the Carbon Disclosure Project, we describe the [...]
[...] such as climate change, the increasing demand for affordable, renewable energy, and a growing need for access to health – especially in emerging and developing countries – and the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions. We are aware that our business operations impact our environment and the people around us. However, we also believe that responsible company management makes a contribution toward resolving global challenges, helps ensure viability and increases our acceptance in society. But what does responsible company management mean for us? What topics are especially relevant to us locally and globally? What impact do our business operations have on people [...]
A crucial component of our business activities is the responsible marketing of our products in accordance with regulations. In our Pharmaceuticals business, the requirements for marketing are very stringent, as they are for all interactions in the health care industry. Our number-one goal is for patients to receive effective treatment. For this to happen, all health care industry players must have continuous access to the relevant information, patients must have access to the medicines they need, and the medicines must be correctly prescribed and utilized. In order to achieve this, we adhere to strict ethical standards for the marketing of our products. These [...]
[...] enhance the sustainability footprint of our products. Sustainable products We are committed to improving access to health care. Access to health No risk should arise from our products if used properly. Product safety We abide by the precautionary principle in this highly innovative field of development. Nanotechnology We are highly committed to following animal welfare principles. Animal testing We develop take-back concepts and support environmentally sustainable disposal. Recycling


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In the United States and Canada the subsidiaries of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany operate under the umbrella brand EMD.


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